Thursday club evenings start at 8pm and are led by either club callers or guest callers from neighbouring clubs. Each caller will have prepared a varied programme of dances to be performed to recorded music.

Having organised those who wish to dance into sets, the caller will explain the steps of the dance so that everybody can walk it through to gain familiarity. This is just as useful to old hands as well as newcomers since few people can remember the steps of the many different dances likely to be encountered. If anyone doesn't understand something callers are perfectly willing to repeat the walk through until everybody is confident enough for the dance to be performed to music.

At about 9pm we have a break for refreshments when tea, coffee and biscuits are served. This is an opportunity for a natter to other members and also to hear the club notices from the Chairman.

At about 9.15 the dancing continues until we finish at 10.15.